Karla María Gutiérrez

Viva la vida

Karla María Gutiérrez is a Mexican writer, journalist and communicator for print, digital media, radio and television; activities that she has combined with teaching, management and media consulting. Her first book Revelations of a missionary. My itinerant life, published by Harper Collins in 2018, is a biographical and testimonial work in co-authorship with Alejandro Solalinde, priest and migrant advocate nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This book has been successfully presented at the FIL (international Guadalajara Book Fair), Mexico, Guatemala and the United States. She currently collaborates with the MacArthur Foundation, on publishing a series on human trafficking, supported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation; works on her second book; and conducts independent investigative journalism on migration, human rights, human trafficking and femicide. With her studies accomplished in Mexico and Spain, she has won twice the National Locution Award, 1st place in Reportaje Televisivo (Television Report) and in Radiorevista (Radio Magazine) conduction, by the National Network Contest.