Azucena del Carmen Cabrera Oviedo

The Regeneration of Life from The Roots of Our Soils

Born in 1987 in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Azucena grew up in the countryside, with the native flora and fauna being part of her daily activities and surroundings. Convinced of the importance of working in harmony and in contact with nature, Azucena studied and graduated in Agricultural Engineering. During her career she was fortunate to be formed by professors who instilled in her love and respect for nature. She was particularly interested in the seeds and soil life. She attended numerous diplomas and participated in various training courses. In 2010 Azucena joined the Via Organic Project, where she is responsible for production and design of the ranch. Her work in regeneration of degraded ecosystems and of conscious production with soil restoration is exemplary for the Bajío area. In addition to this work, Azucena teaches classes and workshops in which she transmits her passion for agroecology and restoration, and has trained many young people in the area and the communities in regenerative techniques of ecosystem restoration, crop association, vegetable production, seeds and biodiversity. She has also participated as a speaker in national, regional and international gatherings.