Carmina Becerra

Carmina is a TV host, speaker, and coach with roots in Mexico. She moved to
Hollywood and got her break on Latin television as a TV host on Telemundo,
Univision, and Fox Sports en Español. Her interviewees include David Beckham,
Coldplay, and Sofia Vergara. FREE YOUR VOICE is the result of Carmina’s
lifelong goal to see a world where people are freely expressed, accessing their
ultimate truth and voicing it as loud as possible! Carmina’s intentions are to
create a world where media is mindful and empowering. She is driven to
amplify the voices of other purpose driven leaders in industries across the
board and planet.
Carmina and her talented team utilize their expertise in somatic and
experiential coaching with the necessary tools to create confidence in front of
any camera or audience. FREE YOUR VOICE offers students the opportunity to
transform themselves from the inside out. With experience in TV and media
came the sobering realization: most people—no matter their background, age,
or status—struggle with some degree of anxiety and perfectionism when it’s
time to hit the “record” button. Working with self-development leaders and
human behavior experts, FREE YOUR VOICE is a sustainable solution for more
change-makers to find peace and freedom to be themselves, on and off