Juan Diego Illascas

Juan Diego Illescas is a multi-instrumentalist musician, audiovisual producer and cultural manager of Ecuadorian origin with 15 years of experience. Thanks to his talent and dedication he has managed to work with artists such as Rubén Albarrán from Cafe Tacvba, Mario Siperman from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Los Rabanes, the renowned Ecuadorian DJ and producer Nicola Cruz, he has participated in remixes for Bomba Estéreo, Chancha Vía Circuito, IFÉ, was part of the project with the Ecuadorian singer Huaira, the renowned Spanish singer Ape Chimba, the American product Biomigrant, the Japanese DJ Ground and is currently presenting his CATEGAL project. He earned his Master’s degree in Filmscoring from the distinguished Berklee College of Music. He works for the record labels ZZK Records and Aya Records, which seek to enhance Latin American sounds from the roots with the fusion of electronic sounds. He currently teaches at the University of the Americas. (UDLA).