Trinity (feat. Katy Bohinc)”

ReOrientate founder, musician, and producer De Kai draws from his background in AI, cognition, and society to fuse music and culture across time and space in ways that meld east and west, acoustic and electronic, physical and virtual. ReOrientate’s signature use of cross-cultural cognitive musical illusions appears again in Trinity, an electronic track De Kai built upon a structure of 3×3×3×3×3×3×3 = 2,187 pulses. The vocal remix of Trinity features passages of poetry from Katy Bohinc’s book Trinity Star Trinity.

Katy Bohinc is a poet and a data scientist; an avant garde publisher and a professional marketer; an activist, an astrologer and an innovator. With a background in pure math and comparative literature, Katy has published three books of poetry, edited two volumes of poetry at the award-winning Tender Buttons Press, worked for a decade as a data scientist and engineer, and founded The Ratio, a project applying data science to study astrology. Her book Trinity Star Trinity re-invents the rhythms of the ancient ode as trinity cubed— 27 poems of 27 words each. Dedicated to Hera, the last of the Goddesses before a 2,500 year reign of male deities, Trinity Star Trinity envisions a four-dimensional faith where spirit and muse are in dialogue and devotion in mutual extasy.